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The Blackness of Spring by Michael Nash

The Blackness of Spring
by Michael Nash

$14  paperback / free limited preview
2006, 119 pages, 7.6 x 5

ISBN: 978-0971206175

Print copy available through Amazon.com
or directly from Texture Press.

The story of a teen-age bullying victim’s descent into the darkness of schizophrenia and suicidal despair, which parallels the story of a young Marine's tour of duty in Afghanistan. Richard Loftlin, a 13-year-old who escapes the bullies at his school and the angry voices that torment him with the help of his new friend Julie, recently arrived from California.

Praise for The Blackness of Spring

“This is a must read for anyone looking to understand the effects of war on young Americans. The pain and anger ties the authors chaotic struggles as a rifleman in Afghanistan together with the melodic upbringing of Middle America. The ending is a crescendo of remorse and a lullaby for those living with traumatic disorders. This is a must read for anyone interested in psychology, sociology or the pain and turmoil brought forth by war.”
                                             —Christopher D. Pardue

Michael Nash explores the edges of consciousness and experience. His work reminds readers of Palahniuk, Dante, and Milton.

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