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Live White Male by Robert Murray Davis

Live White Male and other poems
by Robert Murray Davis

2006, 53 pages

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Robert Murray Davis has traveled in and published articles and reviews about Central and Southeastern Europe since 1981. His book, After the Deluge, Us: Central European Writing after Communism, is being considered by an American publisher. His selection of contemporary American short stories will be published in Slovenian translation later this year. Live White Male, his second book of poems, is a companion to his advice book Mid-Life Mojo: A Guide for the Newly Single Male. Among his two dozen books are two volumes of memoirs, a selection of his essays about the American West, and bibliographical and critical works on English and American fiction.



Sitting alone and virgin in the dark,
I watched fin-crusted wet-suit
fail to obscure humanity within.

Pulled from murky depths
to light and bondage,
he struck and struggled.

Sequels gave him pathos.
Swimming beneath the girl,
he mirrored her crawl in backstroke,
mutely signed “Notice me! I am!
In this my element we could unite.”

(Words he could not say I heard.)

A bull-prod taught him better.
His own groin smooth and useless,
he shrank from phallic rods
of those with power and knowledge.

Altered to breathe on land and caged,
he broke free to sink,
drowned by familiar darkness.

Lights up
left me in the world I had to walk.

The Ornamental Hermit: People and Places of the New West, published by Texas Tech University Press is the latest collection of essays by Robert Murray Davis. His views of life as a newly single male are chronicled in Midlife Mojo: A Guide for the Newly Single Male, published by Oak Tree Books.

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