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Road Trip of the Mind by Susan Smith Nash

Road Trip of the Mind
by Susan Smith Nash

$14.95 paperback/$10.10 Kindle
2015, 122 pages, 6 x 9

Cover painting by Mike Stanko

ISBN: 978-0692401576
ISBN-10: 0692401571

Order through CreateSpace: www.createspace.com/5350104

ROAD TRIP OF THE MIND is, at first glance, a rather unusual book: a random successionof reminiscences, reflections and considerations that reminds us of a necklace made of multicolored pearls. However, every short piece is at the same time an independent entity, contributing to the unity of the book in line with the author's belief that only the convergence of diverse themes can put us in touch with the most important theme: life itself.

Susan Smith Nash started her professional life as a petroleum geologist, and then diversified by studying economics, literature, and instructional design. From Susan's perspectives, all geology, economics, and literary criticism are, on some level, "discourses of explanation," which has been helpful to her. Her explorations have given her the opportunity to satisfy her curiosity and to develop a mindset that involves the convergence of disparate elements, often in conflict. Susan earned her Bachelors of Science, Master of Arts, and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Oklahoma. Her creative publications and reviews include Talisman, Sodobnost, World Literature Today, Gargoyle, and others.

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