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The Story of James and Other Writings by Franklin Lafayette King

The Story of James and Other Writings
by Franklin Lafayette King

$21.95 paperback
290 pages, 6 x 9

ISBN-13: 978-0692317020
ISBN-10: 0692317023
BISAC: Fiction / General

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The Story of James

John Johnson, a recent graduate of an Ivy League law school, discovers that an incurable disease threatens his life. He travels to Houston hoping for a miracle cure. While in treatment, he meets Karen, a divorced mother whose young son is undergoing proton therapy for a brain tumor. Their unlikely relationship begins an adventure that takes them on a journey to the moon.


The Tribe of Noah

Three people meet in a truck stop on a rainy South Carolina night: Noah, a professor who has just been fired for having an affair with the wife of his department head; Anna, a wealthy debutante, fleeing from a drug rehab program; and Steven, an AIDS-stricken sitar player. They travel along the East Coast of the United States in Rocinante, Noah's 1969 VW bus, each one carrying their past with them. They soon grow to depend on one another in their Quixotic quest to become street performers in Provincetown, Massachusetts located at the very end of Cape Cod, the mythical edge of the earth.


Poetic Moments

A collection of poetry that explores and celebrate genuinely personal moments in life.

Franklin Lafayette King was born in the Panhandle of Texas and spent much of his youth on the Blackland Prairie. He received a commission through the University of Texas in Austin and soon became involved in the Vietnam Conflict. After additional academic preparation, he moved to the foothills of the Appalachians. In addition to combat, he experienced both the eyes of a hurricane and an F-4 tornado, events that were to influence much of his later work.

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