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Writing for Human Relations by Susan Smith Nash

Writing for Human Relations
by Susan Smith Nash

$18.95 paperback
2013, 218 pages, 6 x 9

Cover illustration by Susan Smith Nash

ISBN-13: 978-0615753805
ISBN-10: 0615753809
BISAC: Education / Language Experience Approach

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One of the keys to effective human relations is the ability to see different points of view and to develop empathy and understanding of others’ perspectives. Writing for Human Relations takes the position that writing helps you learn about yourself, your values, and also the views and values of others. In addition to the idea that writing is necessary for self-awareness, Writing for Human Relations champions the idea that the process of writing forces you to think, and as you do so, you have more skill in identifying social issues and proposing changes that can lead to positive social change and community development.

Chances are, you, like hundreds of other learners, will love the flowcharts in the text, and you will find them to be helpful with the task at hand, as well as with other writing occasions. You may even find yourself internalizing the approaches, which gives you a very powerful tool for all your writing, whether for school, work, or social networks.

With a full array of inventive templates, charts, diagrams, outlines, and step-by-step suggestions which have been developed and refined in both virtual and face-to-face classrooms, Writing for Human Relations triggers the flow of ideas.

With engaging templates and flowcharts, it is easy to get started and add details and evidence, to create compelling texts. Above all, Writing for Human Relations brings solid rhetorical ideas and theories of discourse into action, and facilitates the production of engaging, effective writing that improves relationships between individuals, groups, and the larger world.

Susan Smith Nash, Ph.D. has had a passion for e-learning since the mid-1990s, when she started developing com- panion websites for her face-to-face literature and humanities courses. Since that time, she has been involved in all phases of e-learning course and program development for Open-Courseware, professional development, career training, and degree and certificate programs. Delivery methods include both 100% distance and hybrid programs for delivery with e-learning/m-learning across an array of devices and technologies.

A believer in diversification, Susan has taken a multi-disciplinary approach to life, bringing together environ- mental, energy, and geological sciences and technologies with economics, literature, film, and the humanities. Susan’s publications include peer-reviewed articles and chapters on aspects of e-learning, as well as literature, humanities, film studies, and petroleum technologies. She has written short stories and novels, and her poems have been collected in several volumes. Her hobbies include cartooning, tennis, and admiring D.I.Y.

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