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Good Deeds
                          Society by Susan Smith Nash

Good Deeds Society
by Susan Smith Nash

$16.95  paperback / free limited preview
2008, 183 pages, 7.9 x 5.7

ISBN: 978-0979757327

Print copy available through Amazon.com
or directly from Texture Press.

Praise for Good Deeds Society

“Good Deeds Society is Susan Smith Nash's first book for young adults and is also her first mystery novel. I like the detail she uses in character descriptions and the fascinating plot development containing many twists and adventures. Though this book is ideal for intelligent teens, I would recommend it for any reader of good fiction. It is a pleasant, light-hearted departure from her more serious works. I can easily see this piece as the first installment of a series based on the main character who is depicted as introspective, yet compassionate.  She's a little out of place in high school, but manages to form solid friendships after finding herself in the middle of unexpected situations. Her family life is strange, but one can't help but like her precocious tech-savvy brother and a mother who has some difficulty dealing with the reality of domestic life after being a child TV-sitcom star (with stalker fans). This book is funny and poignant.
                                             —Seth Lynch, Amazon


After a terrible mix-up with a paintball gun and a backpack leading to fears of school violence, 15-year-old Kithie is asked to head up a Good Deeds Society at her school. She teams up with her 10-year-old brother, a computer genius with video games and ringtones. In the meantime, Kithie tries to solve the mystery of what happened to Gus’s dad, and who is stalking her mom, the former child star of a tv show featuring a family of vampires. A pop star dogged by tabloids, a tarantula-loving soccer star, a frisky hamster, and an unusual principal figure into the mix. In the meantime, Kithie confronts her own sense of loss and the chaos that is her family.

Find out about the Good Deeds: Focus on Earth Sister Schools program with Slovenian schools at www.gooddeedssociety.com.

Susan Smith Nash examines poetics and the convergences of text, media, and culture in recent articles published in Big Bridge, Gargoyle, Talisman, Golden Handcuffs Review, and World Literature Today. She functions as managing editor for Texture Press, and maintains an edublog, www.elearningqueen.com where she is assistant to the faithful Corgi, the Queen. Her column, “The Psychic Sponge’s Guide to Zeitgeistland” is a regular feature on Press 1. She lives in Norman, Oklahoma.

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