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Hauntings of a Summer Moon by Franklin L. King

Hauntings of a Summer Moon
by Franklin L. King

$14.95 paperback / $2.95 PDF
2011, 100 pages, 6 x 9

Cover and interior photographs
by James Allison King

ISBN: 978-1463566340

Print copy available through Amazon.com
or directly from Texture Press.

Praise for Hauntings of a Summer Moon

Hauntings is Mr. King’s second book of free verse poetry. Sunflowers and Zinnias (Texture Press, 2010), his first published work, share similar themes as those poems in Hauntings—in which he conveys depictions of the earth that are like paintings. They are haunting, in that they evoke a longing or obsession for a quiet moment in nature.

In ‘Reflection in Nature,’ he writes:

Sweet odors emerge as prairie grass flowers in birth of color,
Feel the water’s surface unafraid; it is only images displayed,
Distorted first, they vanish at a touch.

But Hauntings is also a book of expressions of love and passion. In ‘Burning Wood,’ Mr. King asked his readers to think more deeply about their own experiences of love and desire.

Does passion devour love at its beginning?
Fire, like love, consumes as it gives,
Near the flame, the body, like the soul,
is divided by heat and bitter cold.

Finally, ‘Haunted Images’ (one of the last poems in the book) casts shadows of doubt that many of us have experienced upon entering an old abandoned house where other footsteps have trod.

The reader wonders, ‘Do I trust my own mortal senses or is there something beyond this life?’

In darkening rooms that reflect my soul,
The shadows from the past do live,
The visitor of the night most feared—
the silence of the dead.

Mr. King’s poem, ‘Haunted Images’ is really a summation of all the poetry in his book.
                                             —Jessica LeBeau


A collection of poems that explore the boundaries of emotion, imagination, and the tangible world.  Focusing on the role of experience and the imagination as people confront the possibility of a “drowned world” where the end of one frame of perception ushers in a new, yet-to-be-formed one.  Manifesting as “hauntings,” the new world is filled with as yet undefined energy, which comes forth in highly imagistic and rhythmic lyrics.

Moonlight Awakening

Moonlight fills the farmyard and garden beyond. Fireflies search the night with orbs of Lilliputian light.

Dry lightning in eastern sky touches the mist of earth. Sheets, still warm from the late afternoon sun, cover the feather mattress upon which we, half-dreaming, lie.

The whippoorwill in a nearby tree is answered by its mirrored reflection. Frogs echo from the pond where moonlight and Milky Way compete upon the water. In evening breeze, weeping willows gently sweep the surface of the pond.

Gardenias and your scent now fill the air in warm night of August dream. I awaken to see you in gown of moonlight weave. I reach to hold you knowing that the night will cease with the glow of eastern sky.

For a moment, I must think what is real—a summer night or winter dawn?
Then I awake alone in December’s morning light.
Now I must seek your image in the eastern sky where dreams remain untouched.

Franklin Lafayette King was born in the Panhandle of Texas and spent much of his youth on the Blackland Prairie. He received a commission from the University of Texas, Austin and soon became involved in the Vietnam Conflict. After additional academic preparation, he moved to the foothills of the Appalachians. In addition to combat, he experienced both the eyes of a hurricane and a F4 tornado; events that were to influence much of his later work. He is the author of Sunflowers and Zinnias (Texture Press, 2010).

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