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Leadership and the E-Learning Organization by Susan Smith Nash

Leadership and the E-Learning Organization
by Susan Smith Nash

$32  paperback / free PDF download
2006, 280 pages, 5 x 8

ISBN-13: 978-0971206168
ISBN-10: 0971206163

Print copy available through CreateSpace: www.createspace.com/5299119

Free ebook also available on Scribd.

Praise for Leadership and the E-Learning Organization

“Chock full of checklists and summaries, think of Leadership and the e-Learning Organization as a meta-job-aid for designers of learning environments. For example, my favorite chapter, ‘Constructivists ‘R’ Us: Pick the Epistemology that Works for You,’ packs more useful concepts into three pages than most 30-page articles in professional journals. I’m using its lessons in my current design project.”
                                             —Jay Cross, Internet Time Group

“I find this book particularly valuable because it ranges so eloquently from theory to praxis. It successfully answers many common ‘how to’ queries while, at the same time, forcing readers to ponder new questions about the industry. Most important, however, is the fact that Susan adds to each of her texts a personal touch that makes e-learning less abstract and more tangible and meaningful.”
                                             —Rob Reynolds, Ph.D.

“This text offers tech leaders a collection of pithy yet comprehensive insights about distance learning. Nash first intrigues readers with her witty chapter titles then follows through with surprisingly practical advice for successful implementation.”
                                             —Judy Baker, Ph.D.


Today’s e-learning organization—college, university, school, training unit, or business—faces unique challenges, and this book of essays and articles is an invaluable resource. In this book by Susan Smith Nash, who has been involved in the development and administration of distance and online courses since the early 1990s, you will find articles on leadership, teaching, curriculum, e-learning “in extremus,” technology (including the theory and effective use of podcasts, blogs, and new popular technology-forward devices), student needs and instructional activities that bring about highly effective learning situations. The articles in this book answer your questions. The solid scholarship and resources for further study help you succeed in the ever-evolving world of e-learning.

Susan Smith Nash has been involved in the design, development and administration of online courses and programs since the early 1990s. Her current research interests include the use of learning objects, new, popular technologies in distributed education, and leadership in e-learning organizations. Her articles and columns have appeared in journals, and her podcasts and articles on e-learning can be found online in educational weblogs. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Oklahoma in 1996, and in addition to e-learning, Nash has also been involved in international economic development training, and humanities and culture, which has included the promotion of Slovenian literature. Her latest books include Lonelyhearts Pawn Shop, published by Light & Dust Books, and Otozna Boginja, published by Sodobnost (Ljubljana).

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